May 25, 2024

Date Brothers Irish Recording

Nigel was in Ireland playing some gigs with me in 2006. We recorded a classic album with some classic Irishmen. The music was old Irish-American music recorded with different instrumentation involving two guitars, double bass, piano accordian, lap steel, bazouki and vocals. The bandleader was Jimmy Crowley. We had a great time recording the album in West Cork in a studio near Baltimore. We got it done in two days. Jimmy has been mostly in the USA since then. He came back to Ireland a couple of months ago and we are in the midst of touring the songs from the album. Unfortunately this time without Nigel and bass player. Recession and all that jive you know…..Hopefully next time we will have the full deal. Here is track from the album. Hilarious I reckon!

Dublin Saunter


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