Apr 15, 2024

Let’s Get Lost

“Let’s Get Lost”
The most famous version is the one by Chet Baker I guess. I was having fun messing around with this today as a solo guitar piece and I tried it as a gypsy jazz medium romp. You can do anything with a good tune.
The first four bars here serve as a jazzy intro. I have supplied a simple set of changes for this song that you can obviously re-harmonize as you like. Simple is a good place to start I reckon.
You want to know more? chord shapes for rhythm guitar? solo arrangement? Send us an email with your request.
To view and or print the chart, click on the thumbnail and a pdf will open in a new tab. Dig it

5 Responses to Let’s Get Lost

  1. Hey man, I was exactly looking for some pdf on this tune to try and gypsy it up, and i came around your site like this.
    If you guys record your version eventually, post the video man.

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